Professionalise your paperwork

Final product price due depending on complexity of document required, and so may increase on agreement.

Visual design

Visual design tailored to your business, with an eye to making it distinctive, recognisable, personal and fit for purpose. This could be a logo, business card, poster, or presentation.

Business card

A business card, poster or other simple visual design.

Complaints Document

A medical complaint document, with SPAG editing, collation, anonymising, and readability & comprehension checks.

Non-confidential Document

A single document, such as a talk, written report, proposal or similiar. Includes design, content, formatting, editing, and 2 revision cycles.

Tech support
Analytics report

A report on your site's performance and views, including suggestions for driving engagement and a focus on meaningful information.

Personal documentation and content

Biographies, social media content, applications, and any other short, purpose-specific content.

Site maintenance

Maintenance, updating, further development, new content, forms, etc.

Document package

12.5 hours of documentation work, covering all admin, website, design, complaints, print and other tasks. To be tallied against task log quarterly.